The Code

We launched The Code’s first EP, 1/11. An integrated campaign rooted in idea that 'Music is Art’. We brought this to life through a end to end campaign that included designing the artwork, creating limited edition 12” vinyls, to shooting and marketing the advert for the EP release.

Role: Creative Directors 
Written and directed by Abdou and Akwasi 
Produced By: AAA

We created two products a white edition with a White Vinyl & a Black limited edition version which featured the artwork within a frame alongside a casette which also featured a copy of the album

1/11 Standard & 1/11 Limited Edition Vinyls

The project was also featured on the wetransfer homepage where people could watch the film & buy a copy of the vinyl from The Code website 


Blue Electronica was The Code's 2nd release and for this project our concept was around that art requires patience. We wanted to show the feeling that somebody would have when experiencing the album so we created an animated album cover that we recreated physically by printing the artwork on lenticular holographic paper

We worked with illustrator TS Abe to bring the illustrations and the animated artwork to life, using her hand drawn pencil drawings to represent each of the singles of the project.


And the project was widely sharing amongst creators, generating a millions of views not only in the UK, but also across the globe